One-on-one Tutoring

Writing, one of the most challenging—but also one of the most rewarding—parts of the college experience, can be made easier by visiting WTS. Students will find tutors familiar with the demands of ENG-W 131 and ENG-L 141–142, as well as with the other courses which meet the writing requirement. But WTS is also intended for anyone working on a paper for any class offered on the Bloomington campus—not just composition courses, and not just students who are having difficulty with their writing. The people at WTS know that revision is a fundamental part of writing a clear, well-organized essay. They are there to provide feedback to any student who wants to improve their thinking on paper.

Other information

  • WTS is a free service for all IU students.
  • WTS can help with any kind of writing project and at any stage of the writing process: brainstorming, revising, etc.
  • WTS works with good writers as well as struggling ones.
  • Just in case you’re concerned about confidentiality, WTS doesn’t send reports about tutorials to professors (or anyone else!).

Sign up for a tutorial

WTS tutorials are available seven days a week. Signing up for a tutorial is as easy as scheduling an online appointment at https://wts.indiana.edu/schedule with WTS in the Wells Library Learning Commons or stopping by any of our Academic Support Center or Culture Center locations.