WTS offers free tutorials on academic writing projects to all IU Bloomington students. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, WTS also partners with instructors to offer course-specific tutoring tailored to the instructor's teaching goals and the course's assignments. 

Find out more about our services by visiting the faculty frequently asked questions page and encourage your students to take advantage of our tutoring services by including our syllabus information in your course materials.

Are you looking for strategies to incorporate writing into your teaching? 

WTS is a part of the IUB Campus Writing Program (CWP). The CWP offers a wide range of support for integrating writing into your courses, including: 

The Campus Writing Program can help you to:  

  • Craft effective writing assignments 
  • Build the writing process into courses 
  • Work effectively with international and multilingual writers 
  • Grade fairly and efficiently 
  • Use rubrics effectively 
  • Train AIs and UTAs to grade and respond to writing 
  • Comment productively on student papers 
  • Integrate brief writing assignments into courses 
  • Use visual texts as writing prompts 
  • Manage the peer review process 

Visit the Campus Writing Program website for more information.

The CWP and CITL offer a wide range of online resources for common questions and concerns in teaching writing, including:

Incorporating and grading writing (includes commenting and marking) 

Alternatives to traditional grading approaches (includes contract grading)

Rubric creation and use

Peer review by students

Working with multilingual student writers (from the Purdue OWL)

Writing to learn (from the WAC Clearinghouse)

Classroom assessment techniques

College of Arts and Sciences Intensive Writing Proposals



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Personal Statements & Application Letters

Helpful tips for crafting a compelling personal statement or application letter.

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Understand what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid this serious problem.


WTS Writing Guides

WTS writing guides help students identify common writing errors and develop skills for research and academic writing.

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