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Online writing consultations

Online writing consultations are carried out using Zoom teleconferencing software. Below, you'll find a video about our services, answers to some common questions about Zoom, and how WTS provides services through Zoom.

If you have questions about online writing consultations, contact us.


Answers to your questions about Zoom and online writing consultations

  • You will still use the same link to schedule as you did if you’ve had a previous session at WTS. If this is your first time scheduling at WTS, you will need to complete a brief, one-time registration. Once you’ve accessed our schedule, please note that some tutors are designated as “100-300 level courses only” while others are available for all courses and writing tasks. Please choose an appropriate tutor for your course level. Note also that you can choose a course-specific tutor by using the “limit-to” menu at the top of the schedule screen.
  • You will need to schedule your appointment at least two hours before the start time of the session.
  • Choose an open appointment slot (one of the white rectangles).
  • Answer all questions on the appointment form, attaching your paper if possible.

  • At least one hour before your scheduled appointment, your tutor will e-mail you a Zoom URL and password to access your online session.
  • If you don’t receive this information, please check your appointment in the scheduler. Click on your appointment (it should be orange or yellow) and the link to your meeting room and password will be listed in the “for tutor use only” box.
  • The link will direct you to another page and ask you to download Zoom if you have not already done so prior to joining the session and then prompt you into the session.
  • Please login to your appointment 5 minutes before the start time to ensure that you have access and that your microphone and video camera, if you have them, are working
  • Please have the draft of your paper and assignment open on your computer at the start of the session.

  • A reliable, high-speed internet connection
  • A computer with Zoom installed
  • A microphone, webcam, or cellular device
    • If your computer does not have a microphone, you can call into the zoom meeting for audio by using the phone number provided in the audio connection pop-up menu when you enter the Zoom room.
    • A video camera is not necessary.
  • Zoom (

  • Zoom is a conferencing tool similar to Skype that enables users to join a meeting room and collaborate on projects. For our online consulting purposes, we utilize the chat feature to share resources, as well as the Share Screen button to view the document clients wish to work on.
  • Your tutor will help you navigate the Zoom interface once you've connected.

  • Your tutor can provide written feedback to you via e-mail.
  • Please note that your tutor will not edit your paper; see WTS FAQs.

Additional resources

For more information about Zoom at IU, as well as technical support for Zoom, please consult the links below:

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